[Video] See how it feels to drive a Pagani Huayra on the circuit image

Super fast Modena circuit. Check. Outrageous exotic supercar. Check. Point of view driving. Check. We’re all set to go and watch how it looks from the driver’s position to drive the incredible Pagani Huayra on a beautiful Italian racetrack.

The true and very sad reality is that 99% of us won’t get the chance to ever drive an exotic like the Pagani Huayra – with the reasons no one needs to be reminded of – but thankfully, with the assistance of Pagani chief test driver Davide Testi we have the next best thing.

Testi took us for a great point of view lap on the Modena circuit in Italy from inside the beautifully crafted Huayra. No chance of not standing out from the supercar crowd, as the Huayra has an unconventional name, incredible exterior looks with active aerodynamics and a masterfully hand crafted interior cabin. We all know Pagani is a recent name in the world of exotic supercar manufacturers, coming to life in 1992 and only seven years later bringing to life the Zonda – the company’s first masterpiece.

With a long slew of Zonda declinations, one more exotic and mad than the other, Pagani has moved to their latest and greatest – the Huayra – which makes jealous the previous models with its enhancements – in and out – and great AMG V12 bi-turbo 6.0-liter engine that’s good to blow you off with 710 PS (522 kW) and 1,000 Nm (737 Nm).