Romain Dumas might go down in history this year as the most accomplished June motorsport driver. He won the 24 Hours of Le Mans one weekend and just a week later he was also taking the laurels of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

Just reading about such an amazing feat is something to behold, but as we all know the power of words sometimes fades in the presence of images (we’re not talking about parents and beautiful girls, get a grip). This is because we have the occasion to witness Dumas’ Pikes Peak accomplishment – and we have a video from the front of Dumas’ Honda-powered Norma M20 prototype to show us how fast these people can go up the mountain. The clip is being kept very simple – no music, no editing – the camera just looks forward and records Dumas’ sprint from the bottom to the top.

As such, you can admire both the drivers’ skills as well as how the landscape changes from a forest at the start to a boulder-strewn mountaintop at the finish line. Yes, motorsport tourism at its best. After finishing the exhausting Le Mans event, Dumas was just two days alter already practicing for the Pikes Peak event – where he took the provisional pole and moved on to win the event with a time of 8 minutes 51.445 seconds. You should watch the whole thing to be amazed of how masterfully in control the driver seems to be at all times – an achievement we only dream of even in the daily driving commute.



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