[VIDEO] See McLaren P1’s program director talk about the supercar image

The guys at EVO Magazine have recently invited the McLaren P1’s program director to talk about his creation in the most recent video with the supercar which has been released.

The McLaren P1 may have been officially unveiled, in its final production form, almost a year ago, during the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, but that doesn’t mean that this is out of date and, in fact, to show you how popular the British hybrid supercar is, every time it makes an appearance somewhere, a few images or videos are being used by the automotive media to present the “event”.

The most recent footage with the impressive McLaren P1 is signed by EVO, as the guys have invited the McLaren P1 program director, Paul Mackenzie, to talk about some details of the car, so if you would like to find out more about its shape, and not only, all you have to do is scroll down and click the play button.

The McLaren P1 is taking its power from a 3.8L V8 petrol burner and from an internal developed electric motor, for a total output of 903 HP and 978 Nm of torque. The vehicle also has a 324-cell lithium0ion high density battery pack, which is located behind the cabin. The 0 to 100 km/h sprint takes just 2.8 seconds in the P1 and top speed stands at 350 km/h (217 mph).