[VIDEO] See the Maserati Ghibli inside the climatic wind tunnel image

Maserati has released a new video with the Ghibli in which the model can be seen while being tested in the climatic wind tunnel.

Developing a brand new car which has to become a success is an extremely hard thing to do these days when most people prefer to take the bus to work every day rather than spend some of their money on a vehicle but Maserati has made the impossible happen with its latest creation, the Ghibli. Besides being a completely new model, which has slotted right under the popular Quattroporte, the Maserati Ghibli is also the company’s first ever vehicle to get a diesel engine under its hood.

The diesel burner is coming in the shape of a 3.0 liter turbocharged V6 unit, which is good for 275 HP (202 kW) and it has an impressive peak torque of 600 Nm (443 lb-ft). The setup allows the model to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 6.3 seconds. Average fuel consumption stands at 6.0L / 100 km (47 mpg UK / 39.2 mpg US). Besides the diesel engine, the Ghibli is also coming with a 330 HP (243 kW) and 550 Nm of torque (369 lb-ft) 3.0L V6 twin-turbo and a 410 HP (301 kW) and 550 Nm (405 lb-ft) of torque unit.