Audi, one of the inventors of the coupe-sedan category, thinks it did a fine job introduction the world to this new niche, with the new A7 Sportback for example being a true crossover… one that mixes a coupe, sedan, and wagon traits in one neat package.

We’re usually critical of the design choices – or to be more precise, the lack there of – Audi is making when delivering a new generation of its models, but this time around they managed to keep the A7 fresh – both against the rest of the lineup and compared to the predecessor. Audi is touting the A7 as being sporty, practical, and luxurious – all wrapped up in distinctive styling. The front end is the one keeping the link with the A8 and the predecessor, and it’s full of technology – including radars, sensors and the optional laser high beams.
The rear meanwhile gets the new design treatment with full-width taillights, but with a distinct personality compared to the initiator of the trend – the equally new A8. At 195.6 inches (4,969 millimeters), the new A7 is actually shorter than the predecessor, while the cabin actually gained a few extra millimeters. There’s also a 2+2 arrangement, and passengers will get to carry up to 535 liters (18.9 cubic feet) or 1,390 liters (49.1 cu ft.) of luggage. The second generation A7 is being produced at home in Neckarsulm in Germany, where sales kick off in February next year, with prices starting at €67,800 for the 55 TFSI Quattro S.


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