[VIDEO] Segula Technologies is presenting the Hagora image

The latest creation signed by Segula Technologies is named the Hagora, and it’s coming as a concept car powered by a hybrid engine.

Segula Technologies has been developing several electric vehicles over the years including an all-electric single seater racing car named the Formulec EF-01, but its latest creation is known as the Hagora, and it’s coming as a concept car. According to the company, the Hagora is actually 3.8 meters long, 1.2 meters high and 1.80 meters wide and it’s coming as a hybrid.

The Segula Technologies Hagora is powered by a two-stroke Rotax BRP engine with direct injection and an electric motor which is generating 100 HP (74 kW), producing a total output of 220 HP (164 kW), delivered to the wheels via a CVT transmission. The Hagora by Segula Technologies has been made from composite materials and the carmaker says that 85 percent of it is recyclable. The development of the Hagora will continue over the following years so don’t act surprised if you will see a production version of the model on the road.