[Video] Short film honors both the late Ayrton Senna and the NSX image

It’s well known that Ayrton Senna’s link to Japanese automaker Honda went well beyond him driving for the McLaren Formula One team that used the company’s engines.

He was also part of the team that cooked up the now classic Honda/ Acura NSX – and we have here a beautiful new video that highlights the brilliant relationship between the legend and the Japanese sports car. As sepia-toned footage of Senna’s racing exploits and some of his famous quotes are in the background, creator Robbert Alblas highlights the details of a classic red NSX in a dusty garage. The pop-up headlights have long been foregone from cultural heritage but the overall styling has clearly stood the test of time.

The NSX leaves the garage and some road-love ensues – we’re not going to spill it out, it’s best if you watch it with a clear mind and light heart. Senna apparently had not one but three NSX models, with two of them being sold in recent years. After seeing the short video, you should also check on the second one – it’s Senna driving the NSX around the Suzuka circuit. The three cameras communicate not only his point of view, but also show us the tachometer and the magic occurring at pedal level. Enjoy.