Since it’s abstract you may never fully understand it – or on the contrary, take it in an instant. Never mind that, we do understand what the Skoda Octavia RS 245 is all about.

The Czech automaker has recently decided to have a go at art – while drifting. We’re unsure if this is a new branch for motoring marketing or motorsport, and we dare not call it “drift painting”. But it certainly looks as much – given the sideways action, performed while using actual paint and canvas. The interesting idea is passing by our mindless thoughts – which have been entirely aimed at the unlikely paint brush – Skoda’s new Octavia RS 245, which premiered not long ago.

[Video] Skoda Octavia RS245 promoted through abstract art 4

Since we’re dealing with a front wheel drive performance machine, it’s easy to understand why the video opens with the WRC-spec Fabia toasting the asphalt and its tires. 2017 WRC-2 rally champion Pontus Tidemand is behind the wheel, and he is also the one with the artistic talent, apparently – because he then proceeds to handbrake his way through various colors from inside the red Octavia RS. Apparently he had help from Matěj Olmer, a well-known Czech graffiti artist, who also helped with his spray cans – all in the name of arts, of course. We also presume they had some fun throwing around that shiny new Octavia RS 245.


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