While it’s not April 1st, Skoda decided a good prank is timeless, which is why it used a smart way to showcase the brand’s new smartphone app that can be used in conjunction with its vehicles.

The new app works with Skoda Connect, allowing for remote access to perks such as vehicle location, door lock status, and the honk & flash function that can help you when it’s time to recover the Skoda in a crowded parking lot. The idea was to show them by not showing them in the smartphone – but rather use the “cyborg salesman”, which is implanted with a device in the arm to showcase the possible future of person-to-vehicle connectivity. The prank is also enhanced with the dealership doctor “who used to be a vet” that can surgically get the people to carry the same implant, on-site.

The prank seems to be real enough – for people looking to buy a new car to actually believe it. And who wouldn’t – in the world of connected, autonomous, electric ride-shared cars, is there anything so preposterous about people wearing their apps as surgical implants? The enhanced Skoda representative even takes it further down the line by letting people know the implant – which is inside the body, remember, can be recharged wirelessly.




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