[Video] Skoda UK builds life-size Karoq out of cardboard image

If you didn’t see the picture or the name of this… concept… you might be inclined to think Skoda has adopted a new recycle scheme, but it’s actually all done for the joy of kids.

Aptly named the Kid Karoq, this new “version” of the new Karoq SUV is made entirely out of cardboard, but those looking to have one next to the tree house in the backyard might be put off by the fact it’s just a one-off, so there are no cardboard production plans. “The handmade Kid Karoq has been designed as the perfect play area for those who aren’t quite old enough to enjoy the many grown-up toys available in the brand’s all-new compact SUV,” comments the Czech manufacturer in the press release. The company even went all adult on the idea and surveyed a range of kids while making the car, including all the requested features.

[Video] Skoda UK builds life-size Karoq out of cardboard 0

The survey results showed the little depictions of ourselves aren’t all that different – even though there are those who treat them like dropping from other planets: play the music they want, check (42.5 percent of the surveyed); tablet to play and stream programs on, check (67.6 percent) and the interesting inclusion of a movie projector (35.4 percent) – which is logical, since they’re not the ones doing the driving. Skoda also decided to bundle inside Wi-Fi, a portable games console, another tablet that controls a set of wireless Canton speakers, and even a multi-colored disco ball. There’s also a secret compartment – located in the engine bay, with a slide and ball pool with more than 1,500 balls – the exact number of those fit the real Karoq’s 1,810-liter trunk space.