[VIDEO] Smart ForTwo Electric Drive gets new commercial image

A new commercial video with the Smart ForTwo Electric Drive has been recently launched by the automaker.

After being announced not too long ago for the United States, the Smart ForTwo Electric Drive is being placed into the spotlights once again, this time with the car manufacturer releasing a new commercial with it. The video posted below may seem weird at a first look but its creators have managed to put the small electric vehicle on a whole new level and before the footage will end, I guarantee you will have a smile on your face.

The Smart ForTwo Electric Drive is available in two body styles, the Coupe, which will be priced at 25,000 USD over-seas and the Convertible, costing 28,000 USD. The Smart ForTwo Electric Drive is getting a 17.5 kWh lithium-ion battery powering the electric motor which is producing a total output of 75 HP (55 kW) and a peak torque of 130 Nm (96 lb-ft). This is enough to allow the “green” vehicle to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 11.5 seconds and travel up to 90 miles (145 km) on a single charge.