One of the main ingredients that people look for when buying the utterly expensive supercars of the world is the capability to annoy the neighbors with the engine’s sound – even if you live in a hectares’ wide mansion.

We know all too well that today’s sports and supercars need to have a careful balance between three main ideas – style, performance and sound. This is a way to appeal to some of our senses – and when an automaker ventures to touch all of them then we’re in for a real treat. This time around we’ll be talking about the third attribute – sound. There are all sorts of tunes that may come from the cars today – and there have been occasions when perfectly good sports cars have been ruined by the lack of audio expressiveness.

Fortunately this video depicts two machines that while they battle on the “sound stage” they’re certainly utterly impressive when taken separate. On one side we have the McLaren SLR with its 5.5 supercharged V8 engine that will deliver the well known tune of German growls. But then it’s like having somebody who is mildly enthused about singing in the shower sit next to an Italian soprano. Yep, we’re talking about the Ferrari FXX Evoluzione, the track-only wonder mysteriously tuned in Maranello and using a 6.2 naturally aspirated V12 engine with 860 hp extracted at a mind-boggling 9,500 rpm. There’s no other way to put it – it obliterates the SLR and its tune feels like it’s sucking out the air like a black hole…



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