[Video] Spied – 2017 Ferrari 488 Challenge mule caught testing at Monza image

Most likely facing an impending introduction before the year runs out or at the beginning of 2017, what we have here is the possible Ferrari 488 Challenge mule spied while undergoing track testing at Monza.

The Prancing Horse revealed last year during the Finali Mondiali at Mugello the 488 GTE and GT3 racers, so there’s a big chance the automaker is now preparing the next track iteration, the well known Challenge version. What appears like a test mule for the 488 Challenge has been caught testing its prowess on the iconic Monza racetrack and we may see Ferrari readying the model for the upcoming global premiere at the end of the year of start of 2017. We might be catching the 488 Challenge as early as December when the Finali Mondiali is programmed at Daytona in the United States.

As we’re faced with a simple mule, we can’t judge the design of the car, save for the fact that sine we’re dealing with a track oriented model the sound level is not quite what we were expecting. Just like in the GTE and GT3, the new Challenge will most likely be motivated by a rework of the award-winning biturbo 3.9-liter V8 engine used by the regular 488 GTB. We can imagine the model is going to be faster than the 458 Challenge, which is able to complete the Ferrari Fiorano track in 1 minute and 16.5 seconds. It appears the automaker is readying the model for next year’s Challenge series and the order books might have already been opened for the affluent customers.