[Video] Spied – 2018 Mercedes-Benz A-Class and siblings image

No less than five prototypes of the upcoming next generation A Class have been caught doing their thing – testing everything with good measure on the public streets.

We can’t complain about the steady stream of spy footage with the Mercedes A-Class (W177), as no less than five test vehicles have been caught this past time undergoing prototype trials on the public streets of their home country Germany. Interestingly enough, the convoy seems to include different versions of the A Class, judging by the headlights of the first and fifth cars in the row, which seem to be of the lesser trim category. Mercedes might want to separate the A Class for different markets – some getting the most basic setup with halogen, while others getting the premium hatchback from the start with a bi-xenon setup with LED daytime running lights.

The most prestigious markets might even feature as standard from the entry-level model static LED headlights, with owners getting the option to fit in the advanced smart LED system. The new generation A Class is not entirely new, because Mercedes is actually using an upgraded versions of the current MFA architecture, but we do expect premium features such as the dual digital screen setup for the interior as seen on larger models in the portfolio. And we also know the A Class is ready to be derived in a proper sedan version to compliment the range.