[Video] Spied – 2018 Mercedes-Benz G-Class drives around Stuttgart image

Of course, we would rather see the Gelandwagen do its thing and break new ground in the forest or on a rocky climb, here we see it peacefully navigating the streets of Stuttgart.

The G-Class first appeared back in 1979 and it was an interesting case of developing a vehicle for civilian use on the basics of a military version – much like General Motors did with the Hummer. Of course, the G has the iconic status you would associate with the Jeep Wrangler or the Land Rover Defender, not the hulking American off-roader. The model has not been reshaped too much since its arrival some 38 years ago, and as it approaches its four decades anniversary Mercedes felt at least the underlying platform deserves a new generation, despite constant updates through its life so far. Looking at this prototype you could be inclined to say Mercedes is joking and simply put some camo on a current generation model.

According to the rumor mill, only around 8 percent of the current G will remain the same, and the spied prototype shows its enlarged width – though we can imagine that small portion will include iconic elements such as the window and headlight styling. There’s an all-new interior though, as well as upgraded powertrains. Most importantly, reports are claiming the new G will shed up to 400 kg (881 pounds) depending on the version, dramatically increasing performance and fuel economy.