Well, we bet that if Mercedes would have left the prototypes of the all-new G Class in production clothes most of the onlookers would have discarded it for a current generation model.

Of course, when it comes to iconic models such as the G Class the evolutionary design theme is a must, not an example of how recently no one dares to innovate in terms of styling. And looks are deceiving on this occasion, because Mercedes knows all too well it can’t just change a few things and call the G Class new – instead they’re going for the evolutionary theme with almost everything changed for the better. Of course, the G Class has been avidly hunted down by spy photographers, but now we also have a video to go along.

It even goes for a glimpse of the interior – though most of the crucial zones have been covered. No problem, since there’s also a leak to showcase everything we need to know. The current G Class has been around virtually unchanged since 1990, and the new generation is expected to keep the off-road credentials, including a full frame – though everything has been optimized and the legend will be running on a new aluminum body. Allegedly there’s also a new electro-mechanical rack and pinion steering system, in lieu of the old-school recirculating ball steering – and everything will be explained come this January and the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.


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