[Video] Spied – 2018 Porsche Macan refresh is virtually uncamouflaged image

It’s understandable why Porsche isn’t going through all the trouble in the world to hide the facelifted Macan under a ton of camouflage – the changes in store for the exterior design simply don’t warrant the expense.

That’s pretty obvious from this spy video that presents the upcoming refresh of the Macan compact crossover – with the facelift most likely going through the usual “blink and you’ll miss it” change scenario. As far as we can tell from the vide we’re in store for new headlight and taillight graphics, along with probable trim upgrades for the profile. The Macan in question was actually caught during a heavy rain period so it’s quite hard to take a detailed look at what’s going on with the body.

On the other hand, a second look at the taillight area is certainly warranted, because the camouflage suggests the Macan is making a rather important change there – inspired by the Cayenne it might adopt a full-width graphic. In other departments Porsche isn’t expected to make major changes to the interior – certainly it isn’t, at least not yet, going to adopt the airier dashboard seen in the latest Cayenne, which is devoid of too many physical controls. The powertrains are also expected to remain the same – possibly with sensible horsepower upgrades to warrant the midlife cycle makeover.