[Video] Spied – BMW continues to trial the 2018 X2 on the Nurburgring image

BMW has seemingly wrapped cold and hot weather testing in scorching or icy conditions, so it’s now focusing on honing the driving skills of the latest addition to the crossover range.

There’s a fresh video to depict the trials and tribulations of the X2 – the model sitting in between the X1 and X3 in the range, with the same coupe-SUV traits as its larger brothers the X4 and X6. The X2 again shows its limitations on the famous Green Hell and the tire scream seems out of place compared to the vehicle’s speed – so we’re thinking this is more for the casual driver than core BMW fans, even if the Bavarian automaker does consider gifting them with a beefy M version. The X2 concept continues to be a very good indication of what to expect from the standard X2 – a stylish derivative of the X1 with a slightly different face and different roof.

Since the X1 and X2 are heavily related on the architecture level, we expect the two will have the exact same powertrains as well. In Europe this means a wide range of small-displacement diesel- and gasoline-fueled turbocharged engines – no diesel in the US – while some will have AWD instead of what seems like a rather relaxed front wheel drive setup. The X2 should be expected to make an online debut later on this year, with the first official public introduction this fall at the Frankfurt Motor Show.