BMW unveiled not long ago the limited-edition M4 CS and just recently the M3 CS, but they’re apparently going for a trifecta – in the form of the alleged M2 CS, spotted here playing at the Nurburgring track.

Fans are probably already jumping up and down their seats anticipating the more hardcore M2 – seen by many as the most purist model in the high-performance roster of the recent age. Now here’s a spy video to keep the blood flow, depicting two pre-production test examples doing what they do best on the Nürburgring during development – throttle at full speed. From the action we’re witnessing in the footage we’re getting pretty hyped ourselves, as the hotter M2 surely looks like something that’s worth waiting for – the test driver even managed to nail some drifts on the iconic track.

The various parts also show how the coupe can drive relaxed on the track, but whether it’s pushed hard or allowed to watch the scenery the raspy exhaust soundtrack shows it means business. As far as details are concerned, there’s a bit of a murky stance from the rumor mill, so we’ll refrain for now from advancing any speculation. As far as the oily bits are concerned things are a bit easier to understand – we’re pretty sure the familiar 3.0-liter turbocharged inline six will get a power bump to account for better performance all around.



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