[Video] Spied – Ferrari 488 with KERS system seen at the Nurburgring image

The Prancing Horse brand is not just opening expansive champagne cases for its 70th anniversary, but it’s also taking care of business as usual – meaning it’s also playing with prototypes.

Ferrari might be ne route to introducing a new model this year to gratify fans on its seven decades of existence – yes, another one aside from the flagship 812 Superfast. This new model might serve as just the icing on the birthday cake, because it seems to be a version of a current series. More precisely, what we have here is a 488 GTB undergoing testing on the Nurburgring – but no details are known whether this new model will hit the assembly lines before end of the year. The details are also fuzzy – some claim this packs a kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) while others thinks this is an early test bed for the Dino’s spiritual successor.

Others are claiming it’s nothing of the above, instead Ferrari is merely playing on the 70 trop with a hardcore 488 GTO packing no less than 700 horsepower from its 2017 International Engine of the Year Award biturbo 3.9-liter V8. The brand is hinting now that all of its models will be using one form or another of hybrid assistance by 2019, so we might guess the KERS report is correct. The fist possible preview of the model will be the Frankfurt motor show, so we’ll have to just wait out the summer and see.