[Video] Spied – Hyundai i30N playing around on the Nurburgring image

With Hyundai having a development center right next to the iconic German track, there’s no surprise their first model coming from the N Performance brand is being honed and hooned there all day long.

Just like the crossover arena is heating up so is the hot hatchback category – and representatives of the GTI, ST, RS and Type R nameplates will soon face a new sporty rival, the N. The Golf, Focus, Megane, and Civic are all models that are well known for their hot hatchback configurations – but the same can’t be said about the Hyundai i30. The South Korean automaker is going to rectify that slipup with their first ever N model for the street – which is actually just weeks away from its official public debut in front of the live audience of the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Before that happens Hyundai is making sure everything is in order by treating the sporty compact car to full laps of the Nurburgring for the last-minute tweaking. The heavily camouflaged prototype does sport all bits and bobs of the production body, so we know the production phase is drawing near. It’s also being pushed to the limits on the Nordschleife to make sure the new challenger will be up to snuff with the established names in the business.