While a rally pilot on his own with little success to report home – as opposed to other stars from motorsport – Ken Block has carved his name in automotive history with the creation of the Gymkhana automotive spectacle.

Well known for his automotive antics, especially when performed behind the wheel of his 1,400-horsepower (1,043-kilowatt) Hoonicorn Ford Mustang, Block has become a star celebrity – one that warrants a proper spy video when he’s caught with a camera crew on the streets of downtown Detroit. The two videos depict Block and his Hoonicorn V2 near the Cobo Center on the John C. Lodge Freeway, as well as a more serene area near a park. According to the reports, the first video was shot near the Cobo Center, with the tuned Mustang driving in the opposite direction multiple times, drifting the exit, and speeding through a tunnel. Camera crews are on scene and so is a drone which hovers above the car.

The second video is not just as explicit, with Block’s car helped perform the antics with help from barriers and police cars, briefly seen drifting through the streets of downtown in front of an abandoned train station, and near the park. The reports are of course talking about Gymkhana 10, the anniversary installment of the automotive show, but we all know Block is also working with a raft of different outlets – for example Ford or the Forza Horizon creators.



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