[Video] Spied – Mercedes-Benz A Class going through the final probation time image

We’ve extensively discussed the all-new generation of the A Class compact recently – with Mercedes already showing us the interior and at CES revealing the all-new MBUX infotainment system.

Now we can tell you with a certain degree of certainty the W177 generation A Class is just on the verge of its debut, with the latest spy shots revealing the car is going through the final stages of development testing. For Mercedes, the A Class is of utmost importance, the five-door hatchback setting up the architecture for a very large family, encompassing sedans and crossovers, just to mention a few. It’s only natural Mercedes is treating its billion euros investment with concern, and we can see in this latest set of spy shots how the company is peeling off some layers of the camouflage.

The 2019 A Class will most certainly be revealed during the upcoming Geneva Motor Show in March, but we’re almost certain it will be featured in an online introduction beforehand. The platform remains the company’s MFA, but with additional improvements in terms of habitable space and weight savings. As far as we can tell, the styling seems to be reminiscent of the all-new CLS, with the triangular headlights and subtle side lines. By the way, Mercedes is making this the most practical A Class ever – the trunk space has jumped 29 liters to 370 liters, the boot opening is 20 cm wider while the compartment is deeper by 11.5 cm and everything has been redesigned, down to the door pockets that can now handle 1.5-liter bottles.