[Video] Spied – Mercedes gives the Green Hell some AMG GT medicine image

For now, the flagship version of the Mercedes-AMG GT sports car is the R version, packing 577 horsepower from its beefed up 4.0-liter biturbo V8. But fret not, the story is not over yet…

Those looking to blend a week’s worth of work with a motorsport track-focused weekend might want to hold off a purchase until Mercedes sorts everything out with the prototype they’ve been testing on the Nurburgring recently – the one that certainly looks like a road-ready version of the AMG GT4. Camouflaged under the handsome paint Green Hell Mango of the AMG GT R(pictured), this hardcore coupe testing on the Nurburgring has less camouflage than ever – with few changes to the back and the wheels and rear diffuser.

It’s unknown what the model designation will be once it ends the testing phase and gets officially unveiled sometime next year – it could be the rumored Black Series model, with a modest increase in power to around 600 horsepower and tipping the scales at a different level than the AMG GT R’s 3,650-pound (1,655-kilogram) curb weight – that will of course in turn reflect on the starting price. Among the most important features of note will be the addition of a proper roll cage – so weekends at the track will be safe and ready for action from the get go.