For the first time seen at the 2009 edition of the Geneva Motor Show, the Yeti SUV is currently Skoda’s oldest model in the range, but that won’t go on for long.

And because today it’s really hard to hide your new cars when prototype testing unless you use a huge amount of camouflage, here’s footage of the second-generation Yeti going around while undergoing trials on the roads of Czech Republic. The video’s description even seems to have caught wind of the official premiere – setup for May 18, oddly in Stockholm, Sweden, but we’re just going to take this with a grain of salt. The design looks uninspiring, but that could be due to the low resolution and the fact that Skoda camouflage typically has layers hiding the real body panels. The uncanny small wheels are also something that will be lost in translation to the production car – though as far as we can see this is a case of shrinking the Kodiaq.

Aside from the crossover’s copied (since it’s the same brand they say “inspired”) styling, there are some issues across the rumor mill with the possible name change. A recent report and the video itself claim the Yeti will be renamed to the Karoq – fans might be displeased since the Yeti is a beloved moniker. Technical specs should mirror the Volkswagen Tiguan and the SEAT Ateca – though the Yeti successor should come up as being larger than the two because of its usual practice of providing ample interior space.

Via Euroman Driver


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