We’re inching closer to the introduction of the production version Tesla Model 3, with the company still running around in pre-production units such as this great-looking blue example.

There are Tesla Model 3 prototypes running around, such as this example featuring some highway action – alongside a Tesla Model S. The blue Model 3 testing on Interstate 280 is actually followed by a Tesla Model S P90D and we can now use the brief beauty shots as a good comparison start for the physical size differences between the two series of Tesla models. The design is being kept mostly the same as it was back when Musk and Co. revealed the Model 3 the first time, with brief changes up front. And there’s also a wide range of new cameras and radars, which are part of the autonomous, safety, and assist suites of technologies.

By the way, according to the latest “press releases” of the boss himself – Elon Musk – you’re better waiting still a little longer for the Model 3 instead of just going out and buying a Chevrolet Bolt. This is because the flagship version of the most affordable Tesla to date will sport a 75-kWh battery pack, which should be good for more than 240 miles of electric range on a single charge.



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