[Video] Spied – Toyota Supra ready to return via Nurburgring Nordschleife image

The fourth generation Toyota Supra was retired no less than 15 years ago, so the Japanese company is seemingly ready now to make a whole new generation fall in love with their sports car.

With the introduction date coming ever closer, the BMW Z4 brother with Japanese DNA is making a name for itself among Nurburgring prototypes, and is slowly losing parts of its camouflage, to reveal a tamed design compared to the previewing FT-1 concept from three years ago. Gone is the FT-1’s protruding nose that made it look like the white shark, one of the most feared and revered predators of the ocean – instead the Supra comes with a bulging splitter. The prototypes also seem to sport the production taillights now.

Ever since BWM and Toyota revealed their collaboration – specifically on the Z4 and Supra for starters – we’ve all been hyping about the kind of power and handling the Japanese sports car will have. According to rumors it may also gain a straight-six engine developed by BMW, perhaps in hybrid form to compliment Toyota’s views. If it does come out like this it will be a lightweight setup, so expect e-assistance to prevail over e-range.