[Video] Spotted – 2018 Mercedes-Benz S Class already out on the street image

The 2017 Auto Shanghai has become one of the most important auto shows of the year, thanks to numerous worldwide premieres – such as the facelifted version of the Mercedes-Benz S Class flagship.

The model is not yet out on sale but that doesn’t mean it won’t roam the streets – and since the cat is out of the back, there’s also no need for any camouflage whatsoever. Now out of the glamorous reflector light, we can see the S do its thing in the real world. The model took part in a convoy of S-Class models, most likely undergoing final testing with engineers. The bunch also included the flagship of a flagship Mercedes-Maybach version, which can be recognized thanks to its elongated body and extended rear doors, complete with larger pillars.

We can also see how the new design of the LED strips in the headlights of the refreshed model look in the real world. The differences between the regular and Maybach versions are also crystal clear – so no one paying for the added bling can afterwards claim it has been robbed. The things get blurry between the old and facelifted S Class, being easier to tell the two apart from the front and way harder from the side or seeing just the back.