[VIDEO] SSC Tuatara official unveiling in Shanghai image

The American car manufacturer SSC (Shelby Super Cars) has launched the world’s most powerful car, the Tuatara, on the Chinese auto market in Shanghai, attracted by growing sales potential on the Asian continent.

The SSC founder and CEO Jerod Shelby was accompanied by the famous designer behind the Ferrari P4/5 Jason Castriota and Bertone Mantide at the unveiling of the Tuatara and during the event the American manufacturer has also announced that SSC Asia will be the official distributor of the supercar.

The Shelby Tuatara has a serious competition in the mighty Bugatti Veyron Super Sport but the American supercar is producing 1.331 BHP, from its 7.0 liter twin-turbo V8 engine, which is connected to a seven speed manual transmission, with an optional sequential one being also be available.

Unveiling an American supercar, which theoretically is more powerful than the Bugatti Veyron, in Shanghai is clearly demonstrating that the US auto market will soon fall on the second place and China will become the largest “consumer” of expensive supercars.