[Video] Start your week with a Giulia QV vs M3 vs AMG C 63 S fight image

Oh, the battle of the high performance midsize sedans… the story never ends, especially when the traditional German contenders are challenged by new entries – such as the new Alfa Romeo Giulia QV.

It was inevitable – the Alfa Romeo Giulia QV, holder of the Nurburgring lap record – was always going to get compared to the crop of German rivals. And what better way to compare them than to see them side by side. So the good folks over at Carwow decided to compare the bunch – and this is worthy of our attention as they went as far as to use the AMG C 63 S belonging to the company’s own CEO. Since this teal wrap example is the one using a twin-turbo V8, many would expect it to easily win the drag race. But better watch the video – and see if the Alfa with a Maserati-Ferrari engine can still present a challenge.

And because we’re getting a high-performance sedan comparison test… some honing is in order, such as the segment for “will it drift.” And because drifting is a proper sport now – and has been for years – we’re going to watch tests which include this from now on… and discard the rest. We’re kidding – but anyways, would also like to point out to a fact. These sedans are so ridiculously expensive you might actually want to buy a coupe with RWD for that money – and still have spare change… just a thought.