[Video] Start your weekend knowing how to control under and oversteer image

Courtesy of BMW – and we tend to trust a brand that has made it its life goal of delivering driver’s machines – we have a neat trainer’s video of how to deal with the pesky physics of over and understeer, and also solutions to control them.

While many of us think they are regular race pilots on a daily basis, seeing them after accidents – hopefully ones that don’t include injuries, just dented pride – just makes us praise such videos even more. Even people who actually go to the track to unleash their inner racer have lots of trouble – the huge array of Nurburgring crash videos are a direct statement. So, we should all know that getting to our full potential on the track – along with our choice car – will need to include a basic knowledge of the concepts of physics.

And the very basics start from the concepts of oversteer and understeer, and more specifically the means to work against them. Oversteer happens when the vehicle turns faster than the driver wanted, with the rear wheels going towards the exterior – if uncontrolled, the car will spin. First off, don’t hit the pedals – you need to turn the steering into the turn and point the front wheels in the direction you need to go. Next up is the most common phenomenon – understeer, when the front tires lose grip and the vehicle will turn way less than you expected – just lock in more and also ease the throttle. The ultimate control when playing around – not looking for the best time – is a controlled slide, but we’ll let you watch to see the pointers for that achievement.