[Video] Study shows VW add the funniest of 2013, but gets a top spot for annoying as well image

According to a research study by Ace Metrix, a Mountain View, Calif. research firm, the funniest TV spot of the year might be a VW ad with a woman who can’t stop her creepy laugh. But the company also notes that its actual effectiveness is just a little above average.

Ace Metrix has named the advertisement as the year’s funniest, but says it’s also just a little better than average in the most critical category of all: effectiveness.

“As many people said that the ad was annoying as said that it was funny,” says Peter Daboll, CEO of Ace Metrix. “That means they’re not going to watch it a second time.”

“While someone laughing like that might be pushing the boundaries of the VW voice, we didn’t think it was so annoying that it was off-putting,” says Michael Kadin, executive creative director at Deutsch LA, which created the spot.

In fact, the consumer survey saw  the commercial being as much as as nine times funnier than an average spot — making it the funniest commercial so far in 2013. But the ad’s overall score for effectiveness, which factors-in likeability, watch ability and persuasiveness, is just a nudge above the average for a non-luxury car television commercial, says Daboll.

Via USA Today