[Video] Stupid London thief “loves” Porches, has no idea how to steal them image

Really, we thought the “GTA” community (not the gaming, the other one) includes highly skilled “professionals” that can do it in “60 seconds” or less, but this guy must have skipped all the classes at Thief Academy.

Germany’s Porsche 911 is a true motoring icon – and thus can attract all manner of fetishes, including from thieves that will specifically target the brand because of its high value yield. But there’s one dude in the United Kingdom that takes Porsche “love” down under – and we’re not talking about Australia. We can see on CCTV the man that decided to operate on London’s affluent Mayfair (what has happened to the world, it used to be a gentlemen’s area) zone to do his “job” on a Porsche. At first, you could say he knows his thing, since he selected a very rare 911 Slantnose Cabriolet – though instances later you are off screaming in horror. He slashed the roof with a lock knife (five-inch blade), ignores passersby and enters the car even as the alarm is doing its own job – but he soon makes a hasty retreat as seen in the footage because – obviously – he’s incapable of starting the precious 911.

Ruining the cloth top seems to not have been enough for the “redneck”, which according to police asking for details about the thief, has also been spotted using his “signature” knife on a grey Porsche Cayenne in the same area of Mayfair. Naturally this trial was also unsuccessful, with the robber only being successful in damaging the German sport utility vehicle.

Via  Sky News