[Video] Stupid racer and passenger get lucky and survive after 150 mph crash image

We’ve all been treated to our fair share of underground and street racing and we should all pay attention to the Fast&Furious warnings – those sequences were staged with roads closed and professional drivers.

But still, loads of people believe themselves better drivers than race car champions and because they’re so good they don’t need racing circuits – just the streets were innocents could be hurt. This is the case with the video today, where some “idiot” drivers engaged in a race on public streets – both used finely tuned Corvettes but the laws of physics remained inexorable and one of the cars crashed while speeding at around 150 mph. We have footage from the passenger of the 800-whp (wheel horsepower) Procharged C6 Grand Sport to showcase the car race on the public streets that embattled them with a 750-whp Vortech T-Trim C6 Z06. Both cars found a bump and the Grand Sport driver found his limits as he loses control and ends up hitting the median barrier.

As mentioned from the sources, around half a minute later the car was totaled and engulfed by flames but miraculously both driver and passenger emerged almost unscathed due to the prior installation of “lifesaving safety equipment”. Equipment or not, we’re also pitting this on dumb luck as the racer was doing around 150 mph (241 km/h) and just before the camera turns blank we can see the Vette impacting the concrete barrier. As for the consequences, maybe wannabe racers will understand why it pays of hitting the circuit instead.

Via Speeders Digest via Third Honk