This is a compelling case of how we should all follow the Russian drivers and install cameras in our cars. The family in the Mercedes was ok, and the truck driver is stupid as hell since he was filmed as he fled the scene of the crash.

In all earnest, this is just another road race incident. And it’s not really happening at high speeds – but it’s important to see it because when you’re feeling the road rage engulfing you – just stop and think for a second. In the car there was a family with a little kid, and since that was a truck things could have gone worse pretty fast. The roads are full of idiots and this is yet another case of – thank god I had that traffic camera. The driver is even more weary of the traffic incidents and has two of them.

We’re not going to guide you through all the shenanigan – since the video is pretty much self-explanatory. Some explanations though – the incident occurred in Hong Kong so unless you live in the UK or Australia you might have trouble understanding the maneuvers. Also, there’s one moment when the driver of the car might be at fault – because we don’t know if he used the turn signal at the beginning when it changed lanes in front of the truck. Even if he didn’t we can tell you the reaction is entirely exaggerated. We hope the truck driver got charged and also lost his job for this act of stupidity.


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