[Video] Subaru helps you skip the queue when skiing in Japan image

Santa Claus has made his passes and left presents for the kids on the nice list, so it’s time for everyone to hit the slopes – and as it turns out there’s a very fast way of doing that in Japan.

We wished this program was available for each and every ski slope – because as always the most boring procedure when skiing or snowboarding is getting back to the summit (no, we’re altogether discarding any helicopter service). Subaru’s Gelande Taxi program kicks in though and hopes to make each trip to the top of the mountain a lot more exciting because people and gear will be returned in one of the brand’s all-wheel drive vehicles. It’s of course a marketing trick, but we nevertheless would try the Gelande Taxi service running twice this season in Japan’s Tokai region.


The first time people get to try it is on January 28 and 29, and the company then will offer the same perks on a different ski slope on February 4 and 5. This is already a traditional endeavor – the first time arriving back in 2014. We’re even treated to a trailer preview for 2017’s event and we also embedded some of the earlier events to get a better taste of what’s going on there.