With the holidays over and the season to be auto-show jolly taking a pause, it’s time to return to seeking cute videos with cats and dogs on Facebook and YouTube – oh, wait, no need to, because Subaru is doing the work for us.

The Barkley’s, Subaru’s family of star dogs, is back in a new series of commercials. This pack of labradors and golden retrievers is again poking fun at the fact that we’re not that different from animals and they can also look just as goofy performing everyday tasks. And yes, Subaru is playing on a marketing string here – we all know how the Japanese brand is truly beloved by customers with families and pets – so it’s only natural they would try and cater to their demographics. By the way, the commercials – if anyone wants to know – feature the Subaru Ascent, the Impreza, as well as the XV crossover.

By the way, don’t miss at the end the one-minute clip of behind the scenes outtakes from the filming – anyone owning a pet knows very well they won’t take commands every time even if they were trained extensively, as is the case here with these canine “actors”. Subaru is also not stopping here with its pet-immersive projects – they’ll soon release new short films with animals in them in partnership with BuzzFeed and Funny or Die, and remain title sponsors for the Puppy Bowl on the Animal Planet television channel for the eighth time in a row.


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