[Video] Subaru mocks Russian dash cam videos in great commercial image

In case you have some time to spare and want it lost on the internet, usually YouTube is a healthy option. And, since you did that at least once in your life, you came across the Russian dash cam compilations.

They’ve been here for years but are still a source of continuous amazement, with moments ranging from crying laughter to raging fear. Yep, they have it all and more. The reason is simple – the Russian roads are dangerous and full of demented people (well, not always, but most of the time) – and dash cam footage is accepted as evidence in court there. So, there you have it – a legal gimmick made a fortune for Google’s YouTube.

But we deviated from the subject. Subaru has been doing lately a great series of commercials that star an adorable family… of dogs. But the company’s Russian arm took that to a whole new level.

In a few words, a dog pretends to be hit by a woman driving a Subaru, just to snatch her car away when she goes out to check him.