[Video] Subaru still loves rallying – just in a different form image

A while back this year, well known pilot Travis Pastrana managed a new record time up the 7.4-mile (11.9-kilometer) Mount Washington Hillclimb, and Subaru decided to celebrate the milestone and most of all show us they haven’t lost touch with the world of rallying.

The accomplishment is quite big in itself – and this documentary highlights the dedication and effort that was needed to succeed in the attempt – Travis Pastrana really didn’t have a breeze in his specially prepped WRX STI. Subaru went to the Mount Washington Hillclimb fully prepared to attempt to take down the record – and instead of the standard rally models they opted for a couple of bespoke STI models, each harvesting 600-horsepower (447-kilowatt) engine out of a Global Rallycross Championship racer.

[Video] Subaru still loves rallying – just in a different form 2

The cars also lost some pounds and were specifically equipped with tarmac suspensions. The additional power actually made the STI harder to control – and Pastrana had to forget all he knew about the course as to adapt to the new vehicle. His run was under additional pressure because his teammate, David Higgins, had an accident close to finishing the run, he sustained no injuries – but his STI had to be retired. He did succeed, with a monstrous time of 5:44.72 – compare that to the previous time of 6:09.09, set by Higgins back in 2014.