[Video] Subaru’s new generation Impreza comes with standard pedestrian airbag image

The automaker has shared the first juicy details concerning its latest generation Impreza, scheduled to reach dealerships starting this September.

Among the details shared by the company formally known as Fuji Heavy Industries – noticed the Prince moment? – is the fact that its Impreza and all versions to follow will be sold at home in Japan with a standard pedestrian airbag system and the EyeSight system. We got used to Subaru being compared to Volvo – especially by the American fans which rejoice in the Japanese brand’s love of families and safety (and sometimes bonkers rally-inspired performance). But we’re still surprised to see the compact Impreza set a new standard in the segment with the standard addition of the pedestrian airbag. The idea isn’t new, but it appears Subaru has perfected it – the airbag extends towards the front end of the car, protecting more than just the person’s head when it would impact the windshield.

Subaru’s new generation Impreza comes with standard pedestrian airbag 1

The EyeSight system is the collective name for Subaru’s safety assistance technologies and on the Impreza it will reach Version 3.0, which is able to detect even people on the side of the car, not just in front. In terms of safety, in case of an impact the Impreza (the first to use the company’s all-new SGP architecture) is now able to absorb 1.4 times more energy than before. The car is also 1.6 inches longer and 1.5 inches wider (4 cm and 3.8 cm), with additions to interior roominess, while the new double-wishbone independent rear suspension should improve both comfort and handling.