Speedboats wearing the Lamborghini colors are actually nothing new but these usually reside on water… and aren’t called Gallardo too often.

Anyways, what we have here is the absolute statement that supercars might be impractical but they reward their owners with unlikely and spectacular usability traits. While the Lotus that morphed into a submarine – Wet Nellie, currently owned by Elon Musk – was a custom built stunt vehicle, what we here is a Gallardo again acting like submarine. The feat took place in flooded San Diego, US, where you’ll see this Italian thoroughbred shame away the vehicle in front of it – a large SUV. By the way, you might wonder how the supercar managed to go through the high water without being stranded – well supercars need lots of air to be fed to the humongous V10 engine (in this particular case) so the intakes sit very high.

Sure, this type of “abuse” on the part of the Lamborghini driver only fuels the Internet stereotypes surrounding the Sant’Agata Bolognese thoroughbred owners – all sorts of damage might hit the white Gallardo. Having escaped the very dangerous (for the engine at least) hydrolocking, a phenomenon that usually leaves you stranded, all sorts of electrical damage may happen due to the murky water – and we’re also wondering if the supercar was also really tightly sealed…


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