[Video] Super Mario deserves a new Mercedes image

As any true automotive aficionado has a healthy geekness dose running through its veins, no wonder we’re delighted to share with you the latest Japanes commercial for the new GLA SUV, which features… Super Mario.

Even if you didn’t play one of the iconic games, you’re still going to love this commercial – which is both witty, interesting, well made and inspiring. The 8-bit Mario uses a pixelated Benz to do his usual stuff through a game level – and at the end a real-life GLA comes in front of us, with the tough looking Mario coming out. And yeah, the Batman-esque armor equipped, tough-as-nails Mario gets at the end bested by a humble Goomba.

“We are a relative newcomer in the market of SUVs. We felt we needed an element of surprise to grab consumers’ attention,” said Michie Ogata, of Mercedes-Benz’s Tokyo communications department.

Besides that, the ad is a big departure from what Nintendo and Mercedes-Benz usually do. The Japanese gaming company is for the first time licensing its intellectual property, with the GLA the first real-life car available in the upcoming “Mario Kart 8″, while the German automaker usually relies on sleek, sophisticated and very mature ads.

Via Business Insider