[Video] Superheroes live in China, and drive car delivery trucks… image

What we have here is a truck driver from China that is seriously dedicated to his work – extremely courageous – stupid – or all those at the same time. We’re still debating on the issue.

This is because when the car transporter has caught fire, the man instead of running like hell yelling decided to try and save the precious cargo. More so, he actually rescues one of the vehicles before the blaze engulfs the entire truck. If the fire didn’t start due to driver error, this guy will definitely get a better job if his employer doesn’t understand the treasure it has.

Unfortunate for our analytical skills, the video doesn’t list the exact cause of the blaze and the footage starts after the transporter already caught fire. It looks like we could be dealing with a transport of Volkswagen cars, with one sedan being put in reverse and driven off the ramp. He also looks decidedly serious about not hurting the sedan – we’ve seen faster rear-parking maneuvers performed at the local supermarket by grannies. Well, he may be hoping that at least one of the cars escaped unharmed from the tunnel of blazing inferno – with the other cars not being lucky at all. In the end, he even comes very close to the huge heat to take a closer look – man didn’t you see any action movies when cars engulfed by flames explode?!