[VIDEO] SUV passenger shoots a Lada in Russia image

A weird incident has recently been captured on a dashboard mounted camera in Russia where the passenger of an SUV has shot some sort of gun at a Lada for no obvious reason.

Russia is one weird country when it comes to driving and sometimes it looks like the roads have rules of their own. One of the weirdest incidents we’ve ever written about is related to the video posted below which is showing the passenger of an SUV shooing some sort of a flintlock towards a Lada for no obvious reason and after that, the driver of the crossover is simply waiting for the green light.

What is even more disturbing is that nobody has even stopped to see if the people who were in the Lada were OK so this probably is something that happens frequently in Russia. According to the uploader of the video on LiveLeak, the four people in the Lada were not injured and there were no signs of a bullet impact. If you have extra details on this subject please feel free to share because we can’t understand why would someone do that.