Teknikens Värld, a Swedish magazine that became (in)famous back in 1997 for coining the Mercedes A-Class moose test that flipped the compact offering, is back now, claiming that the new Ford Mondeo is 279 kg (615 lbs) heavier than officially admitted.

The claim is actually not very hard to substantiate, as the Swedes simply took their test car and put it on the scales. Their Mondeo Titanium 2.0 TDCi 150 bhp S6 MPS read in the registration certificate that it had a curb weight of 1,601 kg (3,530 lb). But someone has messed up the numbers pretty bad, as the curb weight appears to be 279 kg (615 lb) higher than official specifications claim – which would make it dangerous to load it up to it’s max weight limit.

That’s because in the standard EU curb weight test – with a full tank and the driver inside – the car tipped the scale at 1,880 kg (4,145 lb) and putting inside another four adults and their accompanying luggage would actually surpass the total accepted gross weight. And this is both illegal and dangerous, as the reviewers say the rear wheels actually scrape the wheel arches. And Ford is not the only one miscalculating, as they also found a Mercedes C 220 BlueTEC Estate to do the same.

Via Teknikens Varld


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