[Video] Take a closer look at one of the weirdest Mercedes’ mods of all time image

Researching and talking cars all day long makes us almost impervious to the quirkiness of the automotive industry – but the Mercedes Royale is a truly unique peculiarity.

So we can even count on it to be very interesting, which is why we’re returning to the subject through a video posted on the Internet. By the way, the title of the video inaccurately describes the car as an S600 flagship, but in fact when seeing the license plate we could see it’s actually a 2014MY S550, so the V12 engine is out of the picture. In reality, the S600 Royale moniker is an homage to the iconic high-end luxury 600 sedan. But the car’s name is a pale thing when compared to the entirely redesigned body. It’s a truly polarizing mix of classic and modern Mercedes design cues, and while the styling might not be everyone’s cup of tea, we take our hats off in front of the craftsmen for the remarkable attention to detail.

Up front the Royale comes with the imposing classic Mercedes grille flanked by what seem to be headlights with horizontal vents taken from the SLS AMG. There’s also a modified hood and everywhere the chrome use is incredible – but more so on the bumper. The side reveals another classic cue from the 600 – the reworked roofline. The rear also sports a wraparound rear glass, while the taillights again seem inspired by the SLS, but with an extra touch of chrome. The cabin is the one thing that seems to have been left alone, as far as we can tell.