[VIDEO] Take a closer look at the Ferrari FXX Evo image

Which is probably one of the best track-focused cars ever put into production.

Sure, it may have left the production line quite a few years ago after only a bunch of them have been assembled but exclusivity does pay when talking about impressive rides. The model in the video posted below is a rare Ferrari FXX Evo which has been spotted recently. The supercar is wearing an appealing yellow shade on its exterior and it has the black interior with some red accents across. Despite being out for quite a few years not, this still looks like it just rolled off the assembly line.

The track-focused supercar has been equipped with the Evoluzione Package and it has been put together in just 30 examples, between 2005 and 2007. This has a rear mid-engine and rear-wheel drive layout and a two-door coupe body style. It has been created using the Enzo and it stands at 4,832 mm long, 2,040 mm wide and 1,127 mm tall, with a curb weight of 1,155 kg. Power is coming from a 6.2 liter V12 engine which is capable of putting down an impressive 860 HP (630 kW), enough to allow it to spring from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 2.5 seconds and to go up to a top speed of 400 km/h (250 mph) in less than 40 seconds. This is even faster than the eye-turning LaFerrari but keep in mind that the FXX K is not homologated for public roads.