Italdesign Automobili Speciali, the new subunit of the famous Italian design house, is providing us with a glimpse into the intricate process – mostly done by hand – of building its very exclusive Zerouno supercar.

When you love Audi and Lamborghini’s work and can’t seem to decide on which of these two supercars, Italdesign can help you – and in the process, deliver a built-to-order machine that’s virtually unlike any other. That’s because the $1.6 million price tag brings you handcrafted work – the body is done by hand, the carbon fiber has been cut by hand, the materials found inside are also cut and precisely stitched by hand – only the technology involves comes from an industrial process. And that of course includes the well-known 5.2-liter V10 found inside the R8 and Huracan, packing a full 610 horsepower.

Because the art of building an exotic machine is only glimpsed and experienced by few, we’re thankful to Italdesign for providing us with a short behind-the-scenes video that depicts the Zerouno build process. Obviously, the emphasis is not on the technology (there’s computer simulations and guys wearing VR goggles – not for play, presumably), but on the hand-built process of almost everything. And naturally, Italdesign is only building five of these supercars – the time constraints for such automotive gems certainly warrant the exotic price tag.



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