[Video] Take a trip down history lane: 1915 Ford Model T goes around the world image

From the “those magnificent men in their (sometimes functional) machines” category we have Dutch couple Dirk and Trudy Regter, which have decided to circle the world in a century-old Ford Model T.

Ford is going to be very proud (Henry from the skies will be looking down smiling as well, we reckon) that somebody is undertaking such an epic journey in one of their most iconic models. By the way, Dirk and Trudy have been at it since 2012 (but you know, the T is not really fast) when they went for 4,000 miles (22,000 kilometers) from Edam (Netherlands) to Cape Town (South Africa). A year later they moved on to the United States and Canada for another 17,000 miles (28,000 km) in 180 days. The last stage has been undertaken in 2014 when the Regsters were in South America for 180 days and 16,000 miles (26,000 km). “In Africa we had to weld a broken front wheel at the local blacksmith”, Dirk comments. “I’m pretty handy and a screwdriver, hammer, some duct tape, tie wraps and tensioning straps go a long way.”

The final leg of the world tour was abruptly interrupted back in 2014 when they were going on a trip to Belgium because the Model T – which still has its original 3.0-liter petrol engine – was hit by a truck on the motorway – we are happy to know that both Trudy and Dirk only suffered minor injuries. Unfortunately the vehicle was in a more precarious condition because major damage was done to the front and rear axles. Now the couple are restoring the Model T and it will take to the roads later this year to complete the world navigation in New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, and India, while the grand finale will be reserved or 2017 when they will journey closer to home through Central Europe.