[Video] Take an astonished look at this Nissan GT-R Liberty Walk touching the ground image

Just looking at the footage below will make you wonder how the driver manages to keep this Nissan GT-R with ultra-low Liberty Walk wide body kit in one piece for more than a mile.

This Nissan GT-R should be labeled as a definite UFO thanks to the wide body treatment and the ultra-low attitude brought about by the air suspension that brings it as close to the ground as possible. But in all earnest, we could say this one should pass as a supercar that can handle riding on the ceiling of a tunnel. Or do a drag race in an unsettling tunnel that will make you crouch just to fit in. Ok, we’re just trying to figure out how this contraption should fit in the aftermarket world, but that’s actually something we shouldn’t do – just remember “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift” and you’ll see that anything coming from Japan should be treated without too much inner thought (both the GT-R and the Liberty Walk manufacturer are from there, so it’s all ok).

The supercar we have here is a Nissan GT-R with the Liberty Walk wide body kit that took place at an event in Malaysia. The Asian references will continue when we tell you the exhaust system was modified by a Taiwan-based aftermarket developer. By the way, the Liberty Walk wide body kits have been hugely popular in other parts of the world as well in recent years – namely the United States.